About Experienced Based Degrees

Experience Based Degrees has been developed with the idea that working individuals from all backgrounds should have the access to gain highly accredited degrees from renowned online universities. Our platform gives equal opportunity to all talented and non-graduating professionals to earn a degree merely based on their experience.


Busy working professionals can easily get enrolled in one of our programs by the help of our experience recognition program and get their hands on a highly recognized degree in no time. All they require is to show their working experience and achieve a degree, based on their eligibility.

Accelerate Your Career With Online Life Experience Degrees

Are you not satisfied with your job? Want to change your profession, but don’t have a relevant degree? We are here to help! At Experience Base Degrees, you can have the opportunity to get a Life Experience Degree Accredited by a recognised institution in no time and minimal legwork. We help the adult professionals who are working round-the-clock to get a considerable earning and are looking forward to getting growth in their career by pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree by offering them 100% Accredited Life Experience Degree.

Online Life Experience Degree Without Putting Your Job At Stake

If you’ve been searching for opportunities to further your academics, but your full-time job or nurturing your family (sometimes both) are becoming impediments, we can help! We offer Online life experience degrees accredited by renowned colleges and universities.

Nowadays, it is not only the kids that are hitting the books; you will find many adults in the colleges as well. You may have many responsibilities to fulfil, but we believe that they should not stop you from hitting the class. Our high-quality Life Experience Degree Programs allow you to learn literally from any corner of the world using the Internet and you can earn exactly the same degree as you can have by physically going to campus, with the same quality level, but at minimum time span. With Experience Base Degrees, you don’t need to postpone other priorities, quit your job or attend a wonderful college to get a degree.

Now you have to decide whether you are going to get enrolled in our program or you are good unaided. To address all the concerns and questions you have in your mind, you can contact us through email or fill up the contacts us form on our website, and our representative will reach you at his or her earliest convenience to assist you.

Earn College Credit For Life Experience for a prosperous career

You don’t have to stay stagnant in your career just because you don’t have a high school or a college degree. Experience Base Degrees help you get college credit for life experience you already possess by working in your field. These college credits will help you in the longer run to complete your degree program earlier than the usual time period. Besides, we don’t ask our candidates to do much legwork, as all they need to do is to show relevant documentations and licenses to demonstrate their life experience. We handle all the paperwork to make sure our candidates stay stress-free.

Take Charge Of Your Life And Go After Whatever You Want With A Life Experience Degree



Get Life Experience College Degree While Playing Your Roles

No need to face delays in your promotion due to unavailability of college degree. Experience Base Degrees will help you earn the credits for life experience you already possess by giving immense amount of time in the particular field. These credits always help you to complete your program before time also saving a good amount of fee. Along with this we also save students a good amount of preparation, as only few important documents which are relevant to prove your experience.  Our team take care of the formalities on your behalf to make sure your life is hassle free.

Most Authentic Life Experience Degrees Accredited by Renown Universities

With Experience Base Degrees, you can stay assured that your Life Experience College Degree is recognised by the most well-known institutes in the academia. All of the Life Experience Degree Programs are devised to be flexible as per the priorities of working class. We neither ask you for 75% attendance nor for making lengthy, time-consuming assignments. All we assess is your prior learning and understanding that you already own to award you the suitable Life Experience, College Degree.

Get Enrolled In Our E-learning Programs For Utmost Feasibility

Tired of those rush hours and mini heart aches you get while hastening from office to university for attending boring mind-numbing lectures? We have planned an escape for you! At Experience Base Degrees, you can earn your Life Experience Degree Accredited by a recognised college or university without sacrificing all the perks of your life. Our faculty will provide you with the best in class, well-researched material that you should learn to thrive in your industry and earn Online Life Experience Degree while enjoying the warmth and comfort of your couch.