About Experienced Based Degrees

Experience Based Degrees has been developed with the idea that working individuals from all backgrounds should have the access to gain highly accredited degrees from renowned online universities. Our platform gives equal opportunity to all talented and non-graduating professionals to earn a degree merely based on their experience.
Busy working professionals can easily get enrolled in one of our programs by the help of our experience recognition program and get their hands on a highly recognized degree in no time. All they require is to show their working experience and achieve a degree, based on their eligibility.


At Experience Based Degrees, our vision is to help all the full-time working individuals that are struggling to gain better career positions due to the unavailability of a recognized and accredited degree. Our online platform provides equal opportunity to all such individuals to stand against any competition that is coming in their way to reach the top of their organizational hierarchy. Getting registered for a course with us will open several doors of opportunity to achieve career success at a quick pace.


Our panel universities have a wide range of degree programs that are designed to match the requirements of various organizations across the globe. We believe despite their field, each working individual must be recognized of their long experience at their respective specialization. Therefore, we encourage all such individuals to get enrolled in one of our programs based on their custom requirements. We offer Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees on various academic disciplines which majorly includes business, medicine, engineering, nursing, law and many more.
We have top universities in our panel that maintain a policy to offer recognized degrees to all veterans, to give them an edge over their peers. Our online platform understands that are several professionals who own mastery in their field, and all they require is an accredited degree from one of our top online university, to show their authority, knowledge and experience by the help of a highly recognized certificate.

Our Vision 


e have a vision that all the working individuals must have a highly recognized degree by appreciating their working experience. We believe an educated society acts as a backbone of every growing economy and where our degree programs act as a bridge for individuals to be formally certified as an educated person.



Our Mission


umerous individuals acquire professional qualifications in order to stand with the rising competition at their professions. However, a large number of them are unable to study full-time due to their ongoing job responsibilities. Our platform has a target to make space for all such individuals who require genuine.




Getting an associated degree is a dream for many young individuals who want to get a solid foundation at the beginning of their careers. However, a large number of individuals are unable can’t find enough opportunities to study full-time and kick start their working career.



Are you facing challenges in getting a promotion or a pay rise? Then it’s best to gain experience based bachelors from our online educational portal. We believe all deserving candidates must have equal growth opportunities with a recognized bachelor’s degree under their belt.



A master’s degree can be a great contributor towards your professional success. Though several working professionals don’t have enough time and ideally can’t start studying again full-time at the midway of their career. The program will take you to a prosperous future ahead.



Why not take the next step to accelerate your career? With an experience based doctorate degree, you have the power to stay one step of any competition in your organization.We have got quick Doctorate and Ph.D. programs to help progress in the career.

Career Growth

If you don’t have the right qualification to progress in your career, a recognized degree from us will help you succeed professionally. Experience Based Degree from us is a great addition to your resume and provides a stronghold at your career.

We are committed to promoting education for all and we strive to give equal opportunities to individuals for having a promising career ahead.