Subject Majors

Several experienced professionals lack behind in their profession due to the unavailability of a formal qualification besides them. We believe each working individual must have a formal qualification in order to be recognized for their work experience. The idea behind our Experienced Based Degree program is to help students get a qualification based primarily on their prior learning.

In order to cater each student need our online education portal is working with prominent universities to offer highly accredited and recognized degrees. Each of our university has designed a system to recognize students work experience and help them transfer them into valuable credits. Students from all fields and specializations have a great opportunity to get enrolled in one of our programs where they have the choice to acquire an Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

All our panel universities have a wide range of programs on all major subject including business, law, history, nursing, literature, geology, medicine and many more. Students and working professionals just need to discuss their background with us and we can help them choose a major for their degrees most appropriate for them.

Potential applicants just need to mention their desired level of the program in our online application form and our expert academic staff will get back in a moment to discuss their majors. You can instantly register to acquire a degree in any majors of your desired program. Our online admission staff won’t take more than a week to offer you any majors you want to study. As our work operations are very quick and assess all your provided information in an efficient way to help you direct towards the right qualification that ideally fit all your needs.

Get connected with our dedicated online academic support and choose a major of your field from our long list of academic disciplines by simply filling out our online form.

Accounting Critical Care Human Resource Nursing Administration
Acupuncture Culinary Arts Human Services Nutrition
Administration of Justice Cultural Foundations Humanities Nutrition Education
Adolescent Behavior Customer Relations Hypnotherapy Nutritional Sciences
Advertising Deaf Education Industrial Psychology Office Systems
Aeronautical Engineering Decision Sciences Industrial Design Technology Operations
Aerospace Engineering Dental Science Industrial Engineering Management Optometry
Aerospace Management Dignitary Protection Industrial Maintenance Organizational Behavior
Agricultural Engineering Divinity Industrial Technology Organizational Psychology
Airport Management Drafting Information Systems Organizational Science
American Studies Driving Information Technology Oriental Medicine
Anatomy Early Childhood Instructional Technology Osteopathy
Animal Behavior Education Interior Design Paralegal
Anthropology E-Business International Business Paralegal Studies
Applied Chemistry Economics International Diplomacy Parapsychology
Applied Imaging Educational Leadership International Finance Pastoral Care
Physics Educational Psychology International Management Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Applied Linguistics E-Learning International Relations Pharmaceutical Sciences
Applied Science Electrical Construction International Studies Pharmacology
Arabic Studies Electrical Engineering Investment Management Philosophy
Archaeology Electronic Engineering Irrigation Engineering Photography
Architectural Engineering Electronic Technology Islamic Studies Physical Education
Architecture Elementary Education Japanese Physical therapy
Astrology Endodontics Journalism Physics
Astronomy Energy Psychology Jurisprudence Physiology
Automotive Bodywork Engineering Justice Systems Physiotherapy
Automotive Mechanics Engineering Management Knowledge Management Plant Pathology
Aviation Engineering Psychology Law Plant/Soil Science
Administration Engineering Technology Legal Studies Plumbing
Aviation Management English Liberal Arts Political Science
Aviation Science English Literature Liberal Studies Pre-Nursing
Aviation Technology Entomology Library Science Pre-Pharmacy
Banking Environmental Engineering Linguistics Project Management
Beauty Therapy Environmental Management Literature Property Development
Behavioral Science Environmental Policy Logistics Management Psychiatry
Biblical Marital Arts Environmental Science Management Psychoanalysis
Biblical Studies Exercise Education Management of Technology Psychology
Biology Exercise Physiology Manufacturing Psychology of Computing
Biomedical Engineering Exercise Science Management Marine Public Administration
Biomedical Science Facilities Management Biology Public Affairs
Biophysics Finance Marine Engineering Public Health
Botany Fine Arts Marine Fabrication Public Relations
Broadcasting Fire Protection Maritime Studies Public Safety Counseling
Business Administration Fire Science Marketing Quality Management
Business Law Food Marketing Communications Radiology Technology
Business Management Food Science Marketing Management Real Estate
Chemical Engineering Forensic science Marketing Research Register Nurse
Chemistry Forestry Mass Communications Religious Studies
Child Development French Mathematics Respiratory Therapy
Child Nutrition General Business Mechanical Engineering Roofing
Chinese Medicine General Engineering Media Communications Sacred Music
Chirographic Therapy General Sciences Media Studies Shipping
Civil Engineering General Studies Medical Social Studies
Clinical Geology Medical Research Social Welfare
Counseling Geophysics Medical Science Social Work
Clinical Psychiatry Graphic design Medical Technology Sociology
Clinical Psychology Hairdressing Science Medicine Sociology of Development
Commerce Health Metaphysics Software Engineering
Commerce Philosophy Health Administration Metrology Sound Engineering
Commercial Science Health Care Management Microbiology Southeast Asian Studies
Communications Health Care Systems Military history Spanish Special Education
Community Health Education Military Science Spiritual Healing Arts
Counseling Health Sciences Molecular Biology Sports Management
Comparative Religion Health Sciences Music Sports Nutrition
Computer Engineering Education History Music Education Sports Psychology
Computer Science History of Art Music Therapy Statistics
Computer Technology History of Science Musical Arts Strategic Management
Construction Management Home Economics Mythology System Engineering
Construction Procurement Homeopathy Natural Health Teaching
Cosmetic Dermatology Horticulture Natural Sciences Telecommunications
Counseling Psychology Hospital Management Naturopathy Tennis Management
Creative Writing Hospitality Neuroscience Theater Studies
Criminal Justice Hospitality Management Nuclear Medicine Theatre Arts
Criminal Law Human Development Nurse Anesthesia Theology
Criminology Human Ecology Nursing Tourism Management
Veterinary Medicine Visual Design Vocational Education Warehouse Management
Waterline Maintenance Website Design Women’s Spirituality Zoology Supply chain management

Our Vision 


e have a vision that all the working individuals must have a highly recognized degree by appreciating their working experience. We believe an educated society acts as a backbone of every growing economy and where our degree programs act as a bridge for individuals to be formally certified as an educated person.



Our Mission


umerous individuals acquire professional qualifications in order to stand with the rising competition at their professions. However, a large number of them are unable to study full-time due to their ongoing job responsibilities. Our platform has a target to make space for all such individuals who require genuine.




Getting an associated degree is a dream for many young individuals who want to get a solid foundation at the beginning of their careers. However, a large number of individuals are unable can’t find enough opportunities to study full-time and kick start their working career.



Are you facing challenges in getting a promotion or a pay rise? Then it’s best to gain experience based bachelors from our online educational portal. We believe all deserving candidates must have equal growth opportunities with a recognized bachelor’s degree under their belt.



A master’s degree can be a great contributor towards your professional success. Though several working professionals don’t have enough time and ideally can’t start studying again full-time at the midway of their career. The program will take you to a prosperous future ahead.



Why not take the next step to accelerate your career? With an experience based doctorate degree, you have the power to stay one step of any competition in your organization.We have got quick Doctorate and Ph.D. programs to help progress in the career.

Career Growth

If you don’t have the right qualification to progress in your career, a recognized degree from us will help you succeed professionally. Experience Based Degree from us is a great addition to your resume and provides a stronghold at your career.

We are committed to promoting education for all and we strive to give equal opportunities to individuals for having a promising career ahead.