Prior Learning Assessment – Your Roadmap To Success

Do you want to jump in your academic life once again? Being uncertain about your decision? Enlighten us with your concerns. No matter what problem you are getting; time issue, expenses issue, or anything else, we are all ears.

Long gone are the day when learning was limited to youngsters. At present, the adult students are getting more and more involved in college classes than youth. With competition increasing day by day among the adult learners, you need to stay competitive in your field by constantly increasing your professional and academic achievements. To prevent yourself from lagging behind, get enrolled in Prior Learning Assessment programs and completing your degree.


Our prior learning assessment programs help applicants use their life experience to earn college credits so that they can decrease the degree acquisition span. We devise, test and execute different learning assessment strategies to make the process easier and more fun for the applicants. Our training, tools and researched material facilitate the assessment of your experience making you get greater college credits.


Here are some of the ways to earn college credits for your degree completion depending on your capabilities.

Credit By Exam

Get enrolled in our courses. We give a variety of courses to our candidates depending upon their skills. Our tuition fees and other expenses are set to be extremely affordable to suit the budget of students. Do online exam preparation with the guidance of our experienced faculty. Our teachers and experienced researchers will dig out the most authentic and freshest content for that are applicable to your field.

Take exams. It’s time for some prior learning assessment. We test your skills and experience just to make sure you are getting the degree you deserve. Get your hands on your very own college degree. Once you pass the assessment test, we will mail you your degree that will be recognised and stamped with an accredited institution.

Technical Studies Program

Students with technical skills are judged by oral and verbal assessment. We help the candidates seek their degrees based on their work experience and skills. When you have to earn better without spending much on your college fees, our technical degrees programs are the way to go.

Veterans Programs

We offer veteran programs to facilitate their transition from enemy border to the academic setting. At Experience Base Degrees, we have customised our online degree programs to meet your unique needs. We owe our best learning programs to our beloved military men, so regardless of where you exists on the map, you can get a step forward in your academic career.

Portfolio Programs

Even if you have volunteered in any field and gained valuable insights from it, we are here to help you get your degree. Our portfolio programs allow customers to earn college credits using the volunteering activities. For further information, call our expert faculty and get answers to your queries for free.

Career Growth

If you don’t have the right qualification to progress in your career, a recognized degree from us will help you succeed professionally. Experience Based Degree from us is a great addition to your resume and provides a stronghold at your career.

We are committed to promoting education for all and we strive to give equal opportunities to individuals for having a promising career ahead.